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    So-Called Blog

    I read 4 years of Rob Goldstone's Facebook so you didn't have to

    When news broke this week of Don Jr. and his meeting regarding "Russian adoption", a new and unusual character entered the stage: Rob Goldstone.

    As Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star noted on Twitter, this role could not have been cast any more clearly. Was this the 400lb guy in the basement that we had been looking for ever since Trump joked about him being the hacker of the election? 

    When I learned on Monday (7/10) that Goldstone's Facebook profile was public, I decided to check it out to see if it still was. And it was, and still is. Which seems like it would be the first thing his lawyer would advise him to lock down, especially when he's checking into Trump tower on Facebook on the day of the now infamous meeting...

    Beyond this check-in, I decided to scroll through 4 years all the way back to the Miss Universe competition in Moscow to see what, if anything, interesting might come up. 

    On surface level, Goldstone's profile is similar to one that you might see a lot on Facebook. One of those people you might be casually aquatinted with that annoys you and you end up unfollowing at some point. The "over-sharer" with lots of food pictures that never look appetizing, Snapchat filtered selfies and endless travel posts that makes you wonder if they ever work. Ok, let's be honest, you're just a little jealous of that person.

    Goldstone comes off like a jet-setting goofball, certainly not someone who should be involved in the strategy of a takedown of a major world democracy. 

    He also doesn't seem like the 400lb hacker in the basement that Trump referred to. What hacker would dwell on the content of their spam email? Bummer, no emails from the Prince of Nigeria today...sad!

    Pretty sure this is the closest he ever got to becoming an actual spy...

    In terms of the election, there were some interesting posts during Trump's campaign that are worth noting. 

    Goldstone, officially, manages Emin, a Russian pop singer and son of Russian oligarch, Aras Agalarov, who is closely connected to Putin and the Russian government. Goldstone promoted Emin's music video which features a cameo by Trump and called him "President" on the day that Trump announced his presidency. Emin himself also posts about it (Goldstone shares in his post). 

    Here are Goldstone's thoughts during a Republican Primary debate. This was well before the Don Jr. meeting but as you can see, he's already very pro Donald Trump. 

    He also happened to be in London for the Brexit vote, and mentioned Donald Trump in his post about it while there. As many have said in the intelligence community, there is no such thing as a coincidence. 


    Goldstone's post celebrating Trump's win was worth noting not simply because he's celebrating the win. Given Emin's family connections, to me, this is especially interesting. Note where Trump is positioned in the photo compared to Emin. It's clear who Goldstone thinks the real boss is here. 

    Now, let's travel back in time to the Miss Universe competition. The date of the competition, held in the venue owned be Enim's family, was November 9, 2013. 

    What's unusual is that for Goldstone, who is a notorious over-sharer, I couldn't find an incredible amount of posts about the Miss Universe competition. There were definitely some, but not to the same degree of over-sharing that you'd normally see from him. 

    In terms of Trump, these are the most notable posts from that time, and they occurred after the event. 

    Goldstone, posting one of Trump's tweets in which he's going out of his way to compliment Emin three days after the competition: 

    In between the competition and this next post, Trump did a cameo in Emin's music video. Here's Goldstone posting another Trump tweet about that video.

    The next Trump-related post comes in February 2014, when Goldstone posts about Ivanka visiting Emin - who is allegedly scouting out a location for the future Trump Tower. Mother Jones has an excellent piece about this photo in particular that can be found here.  

    Moving forward to March 2014, the next big Trump/Emin clash is the WGC (World Golf Championship) at Trump National Golf Club Doral Miami from March 6-9, 2014. Emin was of course invited to perform at the big event. 

    Here's Emin with Ivanka and Donald at the tournament. Seems like Trump's love for red hats goes back to before the campaign...

    And oh hey, Timbaland was there, too!

    Speaking of "there's no such thing as a coincidence" in the intelligence world, look who got to meet Mark Zuckerberg's sister, Randi Zuckerberg, while they were in the US for the tournament. Nothing to see here! Thumbs up to data being used properly, right? 😉

    And that's it in terms of the Miss Universe timeline from Goldstone's profile. 

    Another interesting post later on in 2015, was from Aras Agalarov's birthday party (Emin's father). Robert DeNiro went to Moscow to make an appearance. I know celebrities are paid money for things like this, but I still found it worth noting. With Trump voicing some sentiments of the anti-vax movement along with Robert DeNiro, I wonder if there might be a connection there. But that's probably a stretch at this point. Let's just put a placeholder here for now. 

    So what's to make of this Goldstone guy if he isn't this perfectly cast "400lb hacker in a basement"? 

    Even with all of his outlandish behavior and goofiness...

    ...I'd say that the one quality that he most likely has that Emin and his family are looking for is one that we've heard a lot about. Loyalty. He most likely does what he's told without asking questions. He's unassuming, well-connected and appears to be well-liked by the people he socializes with. 

    In Disney movies, every villain needs their charming and loyal sidekick to help make their wrong seem more right. That's who Rob Goldstone is in this story. 

    Or we can scratch all theories and just blame the entire 2016 election hacking on Kathy Griffin. 


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    Resistance Cocktail: Moscow Mueller

    Moscow Mueller

    With a cherry on top because that's just how  Mueller rolls

    Moscow Mueller Recipe


    • 2 shots of your favorite Russian vodka
    • 1/2 lime, juiced
    • 1/2 cup of ginger beer
    • Ice cubes
    • Lime wedge for garnish
    • Cherry on top - because you are a baller like Mueller
    • Summer Pro Tip: Add some fresh pineapple!
    1. Pour vodka and lime juice into mug. Add ice and stir to combine. 
    2. Add your lime wedge and cherry for garnish and extra flavor. I used fresh cherries, quartered. 
    3. Cocktail should be served in a copper mug - recipe makes one cocktail

    Impeachmint Cocktail

    Impeachmint Cocktail

    Introducing the Impeachmint Cocktail. This resistance cocktail has all the key ingredients: it's orange yet green with envy, it has the influence of Russia with its vodka and the champagne makes it bubbly and light of substance just like Ivanka and Jared!

    So enjoy the hearing while drinking the Impeachmint Cocktail - you'll forget all your worries upon first sip!

    • ½ fresh ripe peach 
    • 5-6 fresh mint leaves, minced
    • ½ lime, juiced
    • 1 tsp agave nectar
    • 2 shots of RUSSIAN vodka
    • 6 ice cubes
    • Your favorite bubbly to top off (I used about a half of a glass)
    • Mint and fresh peach slices for garnish
    1. In a tumbler, mixing glass or cocktail shaker, muddle together the peach, mint, lime and agave into a thick pulp. A blender is an option, too, if you'd like a more smooth texture. 
    2. Add in the RUSSIAN vodka and ice and stir to combine
    3. Pour into a glass and top with your bubbly of choice (I used champagne). Be sure to pour slowly as the peach will cause extra bubbles. Garnish with mint leaves and fresh peach slices.

    While making, we also recommend enjoying a nice glass of wine. And thanking/merci-ing Macron for being the amazing handshaking President of France that he is. 

    We can also recommend this vodka to be your Russian vodka of choice!

    This cocktail is also best enjoyed while wearing our "Impeach 45" tee or tank which can be found here and here.

    #Resist The Wall - Drink a Margarita Instead!

    #Resist The Wall - Drink a Margarita Instead!

    Feliz Cinco de Mayo! 

    The holiday this year has extra meaning to all of us in The Resistance because of what the day actually signifies. Cinco de May is the celebration of the unlikely Mexican victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

    Given the important French election this weekend, I feel that an extra margarita is in order, for good measure, to ensure that the French are not Trumpified come Sunday. 

    Here are some excellent recipes to help you get started. ¡Salud!

    George Clooney's and Rande Gerber's "Casa Fresca Margarita" 

    My Auntie Susie is my go-to expert on everything related to the best food and drinks. She knows her stuff. So when she says this is the best margarita recipe, then it truly is. I plan to imagine drinking it with both George and Rande 😍 while discussing the 25th Amendment with Amal 😍


    • 5 mint leaves,
    • 3 cucumber slices
    • 3 lime wedges
    • 1-1/2 oz reposado tequila
    • 1/2 oz. agave nectar
    • 1-1/2 oz. fresh grapefruit juice
    • Ice
    • Splash of club soda.
    • Garnish: cucumber slices, mint leaves and a lime wedge

    In mixing glass, muddle 5 mint leaves, 3 cucumber slices and 3 lime wedges. Add 1-1/2 oz reposado tequila, 1/2 oz. agave nectar and 1-1/2 oz. fresh grapefruit juice.  Add ice and shake. Strain into an ice-filled, salt-rimmed rocks glass and top with club soda. Garnish with cucumber slices, mint leaves and a lime wedge. Makes 1 margarita. 

    Salud from George and Rande ♥️


    Lone Star State MargaritaLone Star State Margarita

    My grandpa's recipe - he used to say that these were "the best margaritas in East Texas". After a few alterations from my dad, I would say they are the best in the west!

    *note - the limeade can is used for measurement in this recipe

    • 1/2 can of limeade
    • 1/2 can of your favorite tequila
    • 1/4 can of triple sec  2 cans of ice
    • Spoonful of grand marnier
    • Fresh lime, for garnish

    Prepare a margarita glass and salt the rim, garnish with lime slice. Combine all ingredients, with the exception of the lime slice, and blend together in a blender. Serve and drink y'all! 


    Hot Mama MargaritaHot Mama Margarita

    A simple yet yummy recipe from one of my favorite friends and card carrying hot mama, Koreen


    • 2 shots of your favorite tequila
    • Same parts fresh squeezed lime and orange juice
    • Equal parts simple syrup
    • Ice

    Prepare a margarita glass and salt the rim, garnish with lime slice. Combine all ingredients, with the exception of the lime slice, shake and pour. Enjoy!


    Spicy Grapefruit Margarita

    Another Auntie Susie margarita recommendation, courtesy of Bon Appetit magazine. If you like sugar and spice, but ultimately you want to be a little spicy, this one's for you! 😈


    • 2 cups plus 2 tablespoons tequila
    • 1-2 habanero chiles, halved
    • Kosher salt
    • 6 cups fresh pink grapefruit juice


    Mix tequila and chiles in a large pitcher. Let steep 3 hours, or longer if a spicier tequila is desired. Discard chiles. Cover; chill. Salt rims of margarita glasses and fill with ice. Add grapefruit juice to pitcher with tequila. Fill with ice; stir until cold. Divide drink among glasses.


    And don't forget to wear these shirts next time you want to drink your margaritas and #resist The Wall!


    Resistance Cocktail: Niet My President White Russian

    Resistance Cocktail: Niet My President White Russian

    It's Friday night and considering that relations have never been better with North Korea, I'd say we could all use a nice, strong Resistance Cocktail! 

    Fellow So-Called Activist, Danielle, and I tested out this tasty cocktail and perfected the recipe. Not only will it make you feel like Obama is president again, but it will teach you a little bit of Russian in speaking the name of the cocktail. See, you're ready to take on Russian spies already!

    Niet My President White Russian Cocktail Recipe


    • 2 shots of vodka 
    • 1 shot of coffee liqueur 
    • 1 shot of heavy cream (can be thinned down with milk per your preference)
    • 1 cup of ice
    • Dash of Ivanka smells like vanilla extract
    • 1 extremely thin-skinned orange peel 
    • 1 Fake gold leaf/coin for garnish


    Combine vodka, coffee liqueur, vanilla and ice in an old-fashioned glass. Add in the cream/milk last. For the finishing touch, add the extremely thin-skinned orange peel and fake gold garnish. Now you are ready to drink and enjoy. Nostrovia!