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    Welcome! We are a group of so-called activists located in California seeking to support charities fighting for our democracy, people and rights with awesome well-made apparel that feels good on your skin and gets under the skin of certain orange-skinned presidents. 

    The exclusive So-Called Activist designs are meant to bring humor to the messages being expressed in the Resistance Movement, because we all know that humor is one of the best weapons we have in getting under the very thin, orange skin of 45.

    As Michael Moore said, addressing a crowd in January on defeating 45:

    “He’s affected by comedy!” Moore said. “If you make fun of him, if you ridicule him, or if you just show that he’s not popular … I’m telling you, my friends, this is how he’ll implode. This is his Achilles’ heel … everyone here has a sense of humor. Use it. Participate in the ridicule and the satire for the emperor who has no clothes. Let’s form an army of comedy and we will bring him down.”


    100% net proceeds of all So-Called Activist purchases are donated to deserving democratic-fighting charities. You personally select which charity to contribute to, and there are many amazing ones to choose from, at checkout. Read more about how this works as well as information on the charities by clicking here

    Our hope is that So-Called Activist, and specifically the humorous designs, will help raise money for deserving charities to create a small dent in our fight against this administration. Resistance comes in many forms - even so-called funny forms. 


    We have a blog which includes everything from posts on our so-called charities to suggestions for resistance cocktails to other humorous items that might annoy certain people that resemble a cheeto snack. We will also continue to update our charities and products as new help is needed for new organizations. 

    Thank you for your support. And for laughing and resisting. Keep in touch with us, we'd love to hear from you. 

    Your So-Called Activist founding friend,